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Space... The Final Frontier... Oh Wait, this is worng. Starfield, future is bright at space... Maybe not.

This is juts a parody map, made into Doom Engine. Since Doom is one of Bethesda's games... (Don't sue me Xbox). I tried to make everything custom to be and it did (very badly ofc) but anyways, the end of this game is secret btw. You need to kick one of walls for this (if you have balls of steel)

The Song I used is Starfield's Main Theme (Starfield Suite) by Inon Zur
CategoryGame mod
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSaint Luna
TagsDoom, doom_wad, Meme

Install instructions

Doom 2 or Final Doom is required

Unzip Starfield In Doom.ZIP, copy paste the files (all files and STARTME.bat) into your Doom II/Final Doom directory.

Start to play --------------------

On Windows On Linux/MacOS
Click on STARTME.bat Type this on Terminal  gzdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file starfieldindoom.pk3 


Starfield In Doom.zip 103 MB

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